1. How do you report business Tradelines?

As an SBFE member lender, we assign purchased debt to your company. We then upload to SBFE which reports the Tradelines to business credit bureaus.

2. What is SBFE?

SBFE stands for Small Business Financial Exchange, an independent non-profit data warehouse that receives borrower data from member lenders and then normalizes and compiles the data before submitting it to Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, Experian, and Lexis Nexis.

3. Are your business Tradelines legitimate?

Instead of made-up data that some service providers may report, all of our data is actual business debt that is legally assigned to your business

4. Will I get a business credit score? 

Our Tradelines are only one of many input data that bureaus used to create business scores. Your credit will be positively affected.

5. Can I get funding after receiving tradelines? 

Although we can not guarantee you funding because many factors go into lender approvals, having positive tradelines on your credit may improve your chances of approvals. We will provide a list of member lenders that use SBFE reports in making credit decisions.

6. How can I obtain my business credit report? 

Visit https://www.sbfe.org/small-business-resources to obtain your report. We will provide additional instructions after your purchase. Please contact us first before trying to get your report.

7. Where do these Tradelines report? 

Tradelines report to credit reports on Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, Experian, Lexis Nexis, and Ansonia.

8. What may keep my tradelines from reporting?

If you have submitted incorrect information such as a wrong address, an incorrect EIN, or other misinformation, your tradelines may not report correctly.

9. How does SBFE reporting affect my credit?

SBFE member lenders share data with each other. Member lenders often access SBFE reports before making credit decisions. This data can be obtained without your knowledge.

10. What happens if my Tradelines do not report? 

If you have submitted the correct information and it has been at least 90 days after upload you may request a refund.

11. How can I obtain my Small Business Credit Report? 

For more information about Small Business Credit Report with SBFE Data, call 1-800-953-2877